Belly-Up to the Bar: Cool Treatments for Your Bar Top

Make your bar the focal point of your establishment with an unconventional and distinctive bar top. This is the perfect functional element that will make your bar stand out and get patrons to stop in to admire it.

Here are some materials that could be used in a cool treatments for your bar.

Copper. Copper is becoming more popular for use in homes as a durable countertop material, so why not use it on your commercial bar? Copper is stunning to look at, very modern yet with a cool vintage vibe, and it is easy to maintain. Your bar top will only look better over time, as oxidation creates a distinctive patina that will become a focal point in your establishment.

Aluminum. While an aluminum bar top is a little more expensive than one made of stainless steel, aluminum is more flexible and malleable, which could make it a better choice for crafting your bar. Another selling-point is that aluminum is corrosion resistant, which makes it perfect for a bar, while stainless steel is not.

Glass. Want a bar top that will give your place a sophisticated and contemporary look? Go with glass; glass counters and surfaces are sleek, easy-to-clean, and ultra-modern. Just be sure to stock plenty of coasters for your customers to avoid accidental chips or cracks.

Epoxy. An epoxy bar top gives you the opportunity to be quite creative. You can build a bar from wood, metal, or even fiberglass, topping it with thick, translucent layers of industrial epoxy. This allows you to encase anything in the epoxy for posterity and to create a unique focal point that makes your business one-of-a-kind for patrons.

Some cool things to encase in your epoxy bar-top are:

  • Memorabilia, such as photographs or news clippings.
  • License plates.
  • Beer caps.
  • Coins or currency.

Lava stone. Another cool material to consider is lava stone. This is quickly becoming a popular choice for discriminating homeowners who are looking at remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and it makes an excellent choice for your bar top, too. Lava stone is non-porous, temperature-resilient, and unique, though the price may be prohibitive for some budgets. Customers will flock to see lava stone used in this clever way!

Make your business something special with a bar that is different from others in your area. Patrons will belly-up to this functional focal point, and your bar will be an element that distinguishes your establishment and that helps your business grow! Talk with companies like Laguna Spandex Linens about installing these unique bar tops in your tavern, lounge, or restaurant.