3 Ways Toy Stores Can Use Grand Format Flatbed Printers

A grand format flatbed printer provides a much larger-scale print option besides standard-sized papers. The printers can output high-quality imagery on a number of different paper types including standard paper, glossy poster paper, or card stock.

If you own a toy store or collectible store, then learn some of the ways to use grand format flatbed printers and really take advantage of the advanced printer technology for years to come.

1. Window Poster Displays

If your store has windows, you want to take advantage of the space and provide multiple ways to entice customers to come and visit. Putting toys in the window can expose the collectibles to direct sunlight and cause possible UV light damage. The carding colors could fade and plastic could turn yellow.

With a grand format flatbed printer, you have the opportunity to fill your windows with vivid displays. Create a collage of your most popular toy lines and create a vivid display for the windows. Window posters also provide ways to showcase sales and discounts your store will have.

Instead of using a print shop to order sale signs, you can use a flatbed printer to print out posters each time you have a new sale. The more you change up your signs, the more you can entice customers to shop at your store and see what new toys are available.

You also have the opportunity to cater signs to specific holidays. For example, you could make a sign with a holiday theme like Halloween or Christmas.

2. Promotional Event Ads

One way to get more customers to your store is with a promotional event. Along with sales, you may host an autograph signing or meet and greet. For example, you could arrange to have an athlete or an actor come and sign autographs on their figures and collectibles. Use a large flatbed printer to create promotional signs to advertise the event.

Earn extra income by printing exclusive posters you can print and sell at the event as well. The high-quality prints from a large format printer allow you to create a lot of different options and print on demand if you run low on stock.

3. Toy Checklists & Guides

Use a grand format printer to create some fun guides for anyone who shops at the store. For example, in the front of the store, you can provide a large map that guides shoppers to different sections like wrestling action figures, collectible bobbleheads, or sci-fi figures.

Use the posters to create checklists and guides for specific series. The displays will help shoppers look for items and give them ideas for new collections to start.

Toy store owners can find all kinds of ways to use a grand format flatbed printer in their store and help increase sales.