Packing Up Baby Clothes

Several things are true about baby clothes. One, babies outgrow them at an alarming rate. Two, parents hate to part with them for sentimental and practical reasons. As a result, the average parent has a stack of outgrown clothes just a few months after the baby's birth. You can find convenient ways to store these items without taking over large portions of your home.  Boxes and Bags You have several inexpensive options for baby clothes storage. Read More 

Choosing the Right Decals For Your Store Windows

If your storefront has large windows, there's no reason to not put those windows to good use. Applying vinyl lettering or temporary decals to your windows can serve as an effective form of advertising that can also look stylish, especially with a very sophisticated font. A professional, like Mission Signs, can help you understand which fonts and signage would best fit your brand. Before you begin, however, you should understand what options you have available so you can determine which decals will be the best for your storefront. Read More 

Forgot To Send Flowers To The Funeral? You Still Have Options

If you have recently found out that someone you know passed away, you might have decided that sending flowers to the funeral home would be a nice touch. If you found yourself busy and forgot -- or if you did not find out about the death until after the funeral was over -- then you could be wondering what your options are now. Luckily, there are still a few things that you can do to show your support for the deceased's loved ones. Read More 

Sponsorship Of Women In The Workplace And How It Differs From Mentorship

Sponsorship in business does not refer to how you promote a little league team. Instead, it refers to the promotion of diversity through the best pratices of sponsorship of individuals. Often confused by many as "mentoring", sponsorship is something entirely different. What is more, the sponsorship of women is under-supported, and in order to provide a more diverse workplace, that has to change. Here is how to correctly sponsor women in the workplace, and how it differs from mentorship. Read More 

4 Tips For Protecting Your Comic Book Collection During A Move

In a very short move, you might be able to take delicate items like comic books to your new home by hand. However, long distance moves require you to put everything you own in the hands of professionals instead. Pack up your entire comic collection in a few sturdy containers with these tips to prevent damage and lost issues. Avoid Moisture One spilled water bottle or unexpected rain storm during unpacking can leave your comics at risk for water damage and subsequent mold. Read More