Make Your Wishes Known: The Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

While few people want plan the final details of their life, arranging for death can bring many rewards to you and your family. You will be able to decide all aspects of your funeral, from the music that is played to whether you will be cremated or embalmed. This is your way to provide guidance to your family for when the time comes to honor your life.

Writing Your Own Obituary Ensures Accuracy

Although it may feel strange to write your own obituary, you are providing a valuable service to future generations that may be interested in their own genealogy. Written obituaries are a way to record the basics of your life, from the correct spelling of the names of your parents, to where you worked and lived your life. Most people that begin digging into their own family history start with the obituaries they can find of relatives they have known. If you write your obituary, it is more likely to be completely accurate than if a loved one has to write it at the last minute.

Choosing to be Embalmed or Cremated Takes the Decision Away from Your Family

Your family members won't know what to do with your final remains unless you tell them. If money is a big consideration, it is much less expensive to be cremated. If you can afford to pay for your own burial ahead of time, this will make it even easier for your family to honor your final wishes. The decision as to how your body will be handled is a personal one, and taking the choice away from your family provides them the peace of mind that your wishes were followed.

Providing Input for Your Funeral Ceremony Adds a Personal Touch

If you have a favorite hymn that you always loved to sing, this may not be common knowledge to your family. If you want to have the song played at your funeral, pre-planning gives you that choice. If you have a psalm that reminds you of your own morals or values, you can have this read as a final message to your loved ones. No matter what you add to your funeral service, your loved ones will know that it was you who made the choices. You will provide comfort to your loved ones, giving them a sense that you are still there in some tangible way.

To make your wishes known and ease the stress of your family at the time of your death, consult with a funeral home, such as Foran Funeral Home, to discuss your options.