5 Ways To Save Energy When Using Your Air Conditioner

When the heat is on in your apartment, your air conditioner like comes to your rescue. Have you ever considered if you are using it in an energy efficient manner? There are ways to do this especially if you are cooling small spaces. Here are five tips for using your air conditioner in an energy-efficient manner.

Use a Portable Window Air Conditioning Unit

This is the opposite of central air. With a portable window air conditioning unit, you will only be cooling a small area at one time. If you are only using one room in your apartment, just cool that room. Doing this will save you energy.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner at Night

Since nighttime is usually cooler than daytime, you probably won't need your air conditioner at night. Turn it off. Sometimes you are just in the habit of leaving the air conditioner on 24/7. However, this is not necessary. Try to make a habit of turning off your air conditioner before you go to bed.

Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Your air conditioner could be more energy-efficient if you make sure that it is working at its optimum level. Something as simple as a dirty air conditioner filter could make it lose its power. Then it will not cool your apartment as well as it could. Contact your air conditioning technician to find out how to make sure that your portable window air conditioning unit is working at an optimum level.

Close All of Your Vents

Check all of the vents in your apartment and make sure that they are closed when you are running your air conditioner. This is very simple to do. If you don't do this, cooled air will be escape through the vents. This will cause an energy drain. Your space will not be cooled as efficiently as possible.

Reassess Your Furniture Arrangement

Did you know that something as simple as changing your furniture arrangement could cause your air conditioner to work in a more efficient manner? It's true. Sometimes furniture obstructs your air conditioner's power. Furniture physically blocks the cool air that your air conditioner produces. If you simply rearrange your furniture, you will feel that you may not have to turn your air conditioner as high to cool the same space.

Making your air-conditioner work in an efficient manner is simple if you follow a few simple tips. When you use them, you will find that your apartment will remain just as cool; however, you will be saving energy in the process. To learn more, contact a company like Universal Refrigeration with any questions or concerns you have.