A New CDL Career Awaits You

The transportation industry serves as one of the most stable and growing industries for employees. Transportation professionals who hold a CDL are charged with the task of transporting important products and goods around the country, making them an important part of the economy. If you are stuck in a position that isn't offering you the income or flexibility that you're looking for, getting your CDL and embarking on a new career might be something you should seriously consider:


As an adult with bills and other obligations making a career change is a significant undertaking. Leaving behind that which you are familiar with and embarking on something new can be scary. However, there is an incentive when it comes to earning your CDL.

With a CDL, you have the ability to work for both government and privately-owned agencies. This fact alone expands your employer pool, increasing your chances of finding a position. According to the Social Security Administration, the average salary in the US is just above $40,000. However, the average starting salary for a CDL position is more than $50,000.

Making The Change

Making the transition to a new career path begins with planning. Having a plan will play a significant role in how successful you are in your endeavors. Begin your planning by looking for CDL programs in your local area.

Find out class schedules, tuition costs and any other requirements to ensure you are prepared. It's also helpful to begin some financial planning. Consider saving more in the time leading up to your transition to ensure you have extra money on hand to meet your obligations during this period.

Getting Your Foot In The Door

After you've earned your CDL, getting your foot in the door may be easier than you think. There are employment agencies that can help you pair your certification with a company in need. The types of positions offered to you range from temporary, short-term positions to those that have the potential to become long-term, permanent position.

Working with these agencies takes the hard-work out of securing employment in the transportation industry. The agency will collect your information and seek employment opportunities out on your behalf, so that you don't have to. If are are new to the industry, this type of assistance can prove to be highly valuable.

Making a change begins with you. If you are stuck in a career or are simply looking for something new, earning your CDL and pairing with an agency can open a door of opportunity. To learn more, contact a company like Montu Staffing Solutions with any questions you have.