Showing Proper Respect To Your United States Flag

The flag of the United States of American is an important emblem of what the country stands for. While citizens likely will not agree with every move the government makes, flying the flag is a way to celebrate the freedoms citizens enjoy and the system of democracy that makes those freedoms possible. If you want to fly a flag at your home, you need to to make sure that you know how to take proper care of your flag so that you don't unintentionally show disrespect to the flag.

When to Fly the Flag

While you should feel free to fly the flag, there are certain situations where you will want to take the flag down. 

You can fly the flag in any weather, but if you have seriously windy or stormy weather, you should consider taking your flag down so that the wind does not damage the flag. 

If you don't have a way to light up your flag through the night, you need to take your flag down while it is dark outside. If you hang your flag from your porch, your porch light might be enough to light the flag. If you have a flagpole out in your yard, on the other hand, you will want to install lighting so that the flag stays lit through the night. 

Can You Fly Your Flag Upside Down?

The proper way to fly a flag is with the field of stars in the upper lefthand corner. You may, however, fly your flag upside as a sign of distress. This signal of distress will only be known to other people who are familiar with the flag code, so it should not be substituted for an emergency call when you have the means to make a call. 

What to Do when Your Flag Gets Tattered and Torn

Over time, a flag can get frayed and tattered. Flying a flag with fraying edges, fading, stains, and holes does not show proper respect to the flag, and according to the official flag code, once your flag gets damaged, you need to dispose of your flag in a way that shows respect. One way to retire the flag is to have a retiring ceremony and to then burn the flag at the end of the ceremony. 

If you want to have a flag in your yard, you need to know how to display and care for you flag so that you don't unintentionally show disrespect for your flag. For more information on flags, contact a supplier like Maximum Promotions Inc.