Three Things You Should Keep In Mind About Painting Your Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are designed to give homeowners a lasting window design with casement that is resistant to UV light and is easy to clean. While the majority of vinyl windows are white, which coincides well with most interiors, it is not unheard of to paint these windows. Whether white surfaces are just something you want to avoid in your design scheme or you are looking to revamp outdated windows with a fresh look, painting your vinyl windows is a good idea. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to painting the windows in your home.

Primer Will Be Necessary

Vinyl boasts a smooth finished surface that will not readily accept most forms of paint. Therefore, you will need to use a good primer on the windows before you slather on paint. Otherwise, the paint will not only wipe away easily, but will chip and peel once it is dry. You do have to be careful with the primer you choose because the wrong chemical components can lead to softening of the vinyl, which is irreversible and can compromise the stability of your window frame. A solvent-based primer that contains an adhesive, but boasts low VOC levels will give you the best start for your painting project.

Choosing the Best Paint for Vinyl Windows

The type of paint you choose for your vinyl-framed windows is a crucial step in the process. Regular latex paint works well on interior vinyl surfaces that are not exposed to UV rays or moisture, but windows do not fall in this category. Therefore, a good acrylic latex paint is a better choice because it is resilient to both sunlight and water. Color is another thing to consider as bright colors can fade over time.

Removing Paint From Glass Panes

No matter how careful you are while painting, there will always be splatters and mishaps left on the glass panes of the window. One of the best things about acrylic latex paint is it can be removed with just rubbing alcohol. Saturate a paper towel with rubbing alcohol, hold it over paint for a few seconds, and then simply wipe away. If you have stubborn splatters, use a razor blade to gently loosen the paint and then remove any remaining residue with alcohol.

With a little knowledge about the types of materials to use, you can transform your vinyl windows into something much more appealing for your home. Keep these three things in mind as you work and you will have a much easier time with the process. Talk to your local home experts, such as American Home Center Inc, for more information.