3 Tips For Designing Large Vinyl Signs

If your business has been thinking about having some vinyl signs created for advertising purposes this spring and summer, be sure to keep in mind these design tips for large vinyl signs. 

Use Professional Design Software

If you want the design you see on your computer to look the same as what you see on your banner once it is printed, use professional design software to create your layout for your banner. These types of programs use the same color layouts and standards as the company that will print out your vinyl sign will use. 

Try to stay away from creating the image for your sign with a basic office program. Although it may look great on your computer, since it is not set up the same way as the printing equipment the sign company will use, the result may not be what you expected. 

Stick With A Few Basic Design Elements

Many newbie designers get so excited with all the design elements that they can add to their signs that they tend to overdo it.

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a sign that is such an explosion of symbols and colors that you can't even focus on the message? That is what you want to avoid. If your vinyl sign is up in a high traffic area, you want it to be eye catching enough to attract the attention of those passing by, but not so overwhelming that they miss out on the message.

Stick to just one photograph or graphic, your main message, and your company logo or name. That is all you need to make an interesting sign that people can actually read in the space of a few seconds.

Make The Font Large Enough

On the flip side, have you ever driven past a sign that you can't read because the font is too small? Before you make your sign, think about where you want to place it and how far away the average reader will be.

From there, figure out just how big you really want the font to be for your sign. The greater the distance between your sign and the person reading it, the larger the sign and the font needs to be in order for your message to get across.

If you follow these three simple steps, your signs will be able to do its job in advertising your business in an engaging way.