4 Tips For Protecting Your Comic Book Collection During A Move

In a very short move, you might be able to take delicate items like comic books to your new home by hand. However, long distance moves require you to put everything you own in the hands of professionals instead. Pack up your entire comic collection in a few sturdy containers with these tips to prevent damage and lost issues.

Avoid Moisture

One spilled water bottle or unexpected rain storm during unpacking can leave your comics at risk for water damage and subsequent mold. Many packing and comic storage boxes are made from cardboard for protection against light, but opaque plastic boxes with tightly sealing lids work better for protecting against moisture exposure. Add silica packets to the packing containers too so any free humidity gets absorbed instead of soaking into the paper of the comic books. Mylar bags closed with a heat sealer also provide protection against moisture.

Block UV Rays

Aside from moisture, you also need to prevent fading and brittleness by blocking UV rays. Sunlight, fluorescent lights, and other sources produce these rays that breakdown paper products. Even if your comics are only getting exposed to sun for a few hours as you pack, there's still an impact on the quality and value. If you choose plastic containers for their water resistant qualities, stick with a solid color instead of clear material to keep light out.

Prevent Bending

Unless you're packing your comics into a filing cabinet for the move, you need to reinforce the individual issues and books before loading them into a container. Books stored in their original or replacement sleeves are ready to get sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard each without concerns of acid transfer that damages the paper. Cut up clean packing and cereal boxes to save money on packing materials. Try to load containers as full as possible to keep the comics from sliding or bending. Books should always sit upright as well instead of being stacked on top of each other.

Label the Containers

Whether you're unpacking into shelves immediately upon arrival or need to keep your comics in storage at your new home, label each container clearly so you can find that one particular issue for a sale or trade. Use permanent marker on tape so you can peel off the label and replace it later as you reorganize the collection. Get your comics through the move in one piece and prevent damage for years to come by investing in durable storage containers like the ones mentioned previously.

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