3 Ways A Live Answering Service Can Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Large businesses have known the benefits of having a specialized team to handle their incoming phone calls for decades. Small businesses don't always see the benefits, especially when the person in charge is a one-person army putting together the impossible. In actuality, a team answering the phones for you can make your small business infinitely more efficient. Once you realize just what an answering service can do for you, you'll be able to find even more ways they can help you. Here are three ways a live answering service can make your small business more efficient.

Use it to Screen Your Calls

It goes without saying for most people that having an answering service take your calls helps you to be more efficient, but it's more than just that. Even if your home business doesn't involve a lot of phone calls that are business-related, you can easily find yourself interrupted with other calls that take your head out of the game. Use the answering service to screen your calls and to effectively enforce your office hours. You can pick up your messages at set times throughout the day, and if there's something urgent, you can address it as you can.

Serve as an Information Line

Every business has a set of "frequently asked questions." You can compile the answers to the most frequently asked questions for your business and provide your answering service with that document. When you have additional information that the answering service can handle, you can update the information that they have. Since you aren't having to field these inquiries, you have the time to focus on what you need to do in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Have the Service Take Orders

Answering services can do way more than just answer the phone when it rings. They can also take orders and manage light customer service duties for you. Setting up a simple flowchart for the ordering process is easy to do and it keeps errors to a minimum. If you're freed up from tasks like taking orders and dealing with questions about those orders, you have more time to handle the creative end of the business and to actually fulfill shipments. Since you're not on the receiving end of the ordering setup, you can handle larger issues as they crop up.

If you're ready to find out what a live answering service can do for you, give someone who can help a call today. They can assess the needs of your business and get you set up for the services that will do you the most good. 

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