Types Of Concrete Saws And Their Uses

If you look at a slab of concrete, you will notice that it comes in segmented sections. Typically, the slab is poured as one continuous body and then it is cut. The reason for this is that it is easier and more efficient to pour one continuous slab, but if you leave the slab in one section, it can crack. Thus, you cut it into sections to control where the cracks appear. You can also cut concrete for aesthetic reasons or as part of a repair. The type of cutting you do will dictate what type of saw you use. 

Making Joints and the Quick-Cut Saw

A quick-cut saw gets its name because it will cut deep cuts quicker than other saws. The two keys to its speed are its large engine and a large-diameter blade. Quick-cut saws are often gas-powered and will use 10" diameter blades or larger. They can cut a one-and-a-half-inch cut into a slab of concrete as quick as a normal rotary saw would cut through a two-by-four. They are not, however, good for making cuts as part of a design.

Vacuum Recovery for Indoor Cuts

If you cut concrete indoors, you typically have poor ventilation and the risk of breathing concrete dust increases. If you were cutting outside, you could wet the concrete to keep the dust down, but this is not always an option inside. If you breathe too much concrete dust, you could get silicosis, which can cause breathing problems and even cancer. Thus, if you are making cuts inside, you should look for a saw with an integrated vacuum recovery system to help control the dust. 

The Angle Grinder for Intricate Cuts

If you are trying to cut a pattern into a concrete floor, rotary saws are often too big and bulky to make intricate designs. To increase your range of movement, you should use an angle grinder. Such tools will not have a vacuum recovery system, so you will need someone to follow you with a wet/dry vac to control dust. Also, learning to control the grinder so that you have an even hand as you make your cuts can take time, so practice where you can before you make a design in a highly noticeable place. 

Sawing concrete can be a purely functional exercise, but it can also be a form of art. In order to achieve the best results, you need to equip yourself with the right tools and that can involve buying a few different tools based on your needs. You can also contact a concrete company, like Concrete Sawing Co Inc, to handle the cuts for you.