4 Things To Know About Renting A Storage Unit

Being able to keep certain valuables when you aren't using these may mean renting a storage unit. This will allow you to have more space in your home or can come in handy when you're moving from one location to the other. It's ideal to know specific things about storage units before making a rental commitment.

The Costs

If you're on a budget, you will want to know the monthly expenses involved in renting a storage unit. This cost will be based on the size of the unit you choose, and listed below are some of the various sizes typically available:

1. 5x5 – This is one of the smallest units, and the average monthly cost is $40-$50.

2. 10x15 – If you need a medium sized unit, this could be the ideal size for you. The average cost of a unit this size is $75-$140 a month.

3. 10x20 – This size unit runs $95-$155 on a monthly basis and will allow you to store a lot of items because it's one of the larger ones available.

The Process

Many storage facility owners may require you agree to a certain amount of time when it comes to renting the unit. It may be necessary to sign a lease where you must commit to six months or longer in order to have full, sole, individual access to the unit.

The Security

Having the peace of mind in knowing your items are safe and secure is sure to make you feel better about leaving valuables in a storage unit.

Listed below are some basic security features:

1. Gated – It's ideal to find a storage facility that has a gate around it and is locked up after business hours.

2. Surveillance – Be sure to ask if a surveillance camera is up and running at any storage unit location that you're considering.

3. Padlock – Most facilities will allow you to put a padlock on your unit for additional security measures.

The Climate

If you have items that are sensitive, you will want to ensure the temperature inside of your unit stays within a certain range. For an additional fee, you can get a climate controlled unit.  This will ensure the temperature does not get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

The benefits of renting a storage unit from a company like Gorst Self Storage are many, and this is an ideal way to have additional space when you need it.