Forgot To Send Flowers To The Funeral? You Still Have Options

If you have recently found out that someone you know passed away, you might have decided that sending flowers to the funeral home would be a nice touch. If you found yourself busy and forgot -- or if you did not find out about the death until after the funeral was over -- then you could be wondering what your options are now. Luckily, there are still a few things that you can do to show your support for the deceased's loved ones.

Send Flowers to the Family Home

It is truly never too late to send flowers to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Even if you missed the chance to send flowers to the funeral home to be used at the service, you can still send them to the spouse, parents or other loved ones of the deceased. Although many people choose flowers in a color or style that they think the deceased would have liked when sending to the funeral home, you don't have to abide by this when sending them after the fact. Instead, consider sending flowers in the loved one's favorite color or a living green plant that can spruce up and bring life to the family home during this trying time.

Send Food

A lot of people send food to the family home directly before and after the funeral, but the family is still grieving long after this is over with. If it's been days, weeks or even months since the death, the loved ones still might not be feeling up to cooking but have probably long since run out of any food that was sent after the death. Now is a great time to send over a freezer-friendly casserole, a delicious pot of soup or stew or even a few gift cards to local takeout restaurants.

Offer to Lend a Hand

Sometimes people have a tough time moving on with their day-to-day lives after losing a loved one. In this case, providing your support can mean so much more than sending flowers. Volunteer your time, and offer to help with things like house cleaning, babysitting or lawn care. If you are unable to lend a hand yourself, consider hiring a pro to help with one of these things. Having help like this can make it much easier for a grieving spouse, parents or other loved ones to move on after the loss of someone special.

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