Creative Marketing Tactics Using Custom Stickers In Your Bakery

As a bakery owner, you may think that word of mouth alone will be all you need to grow your business. But just like with any other food service business, marketing is an important factor when word of mouth is no longer working. You may think that there is really no use for custom stickers in your bakery, but with a little creative thought and ingenuity, you can use simple stickers to market both your products and your delectable services to more people.

Seal every bag, box, or package with a small token that serves as a reminder. 

There is something about adding a custom sticker to a purchased package that attracts people's attention. Not only will your customers get the impression that you truly do care about product freshness because you are nice enough to seal off the package, they will leave your bakery with a bold reminder to everyone they pass that your place of business is the place to go. Have custom stickers printed that boast your bakery name and phone number or even just a sweet message of thanks. 

Hand out stickers to every child that comes through the door. 

You may not realize it, but you can easily get to customers who are parents by being nice to their children and kids always adore free stickers. Not only that, but there is no end to the possibilities of where the stickers that you hand a kid will be placed. Have fun custom stickers made by the roll that have kid-friendly characters or designs. From the seat on the subway to their school lunch box, the places where your stickers end up could easily attract a lot of attention from potential customers. 

Give away a stack of free "party favors" when a customer places an order for an event. 

Stickers almost always find their way into goodie bags at birthday parties and other events, so consider giving your patrons a treat with a stack of free stickers they can hand out at their parties when they make a big purchase. You can add whatever graphics you like to the stickers that will coincide with your bakery. Just be sure to include your contact information as well, because there is no doubt that this practice will have people wanting to pay your bakery a visit.

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