Choosing the Right Decals For Your Store Windows

If your storefront has large windows, there's no reason to not put those windows to good use. Applying vinyl lettering or temporary decals to your windows can serve as an effective form of advertising that can also look stylish, especially with a very sophisticated font. A professional, like Mission Signs, can help you understand which fonts and signage would best fit your brand.

Before you begin, however, you should understand what options you have available so you can determine which decals will be the best for your storefront.

Decals Provide A Maximum Level Of Flexibility

Window decals can come in any color and can be formed into any shape to create a logo. While decals are not as expensive as a billboard, you should still spend enough money to have high-quality decals that will reflect well on your brand.

Decals Can Be Opaque or Translucent 

Depending on the design of the decal, you may be able to print content on the back as well. That way, anyone seeing the decal from the other side can be presented with new or supplementary information. For example, you could have a decal that presents the phone number to order catering from your business, and on the back it could include a special deal for calling said number. If you have lots of customer loyalty or incentive programs, this is a great way to advertise those ideas. However, this is mostly a feature of opaque decals.

Clear decals, on the other hand, are only visible on the printed portions and only allow for one design since there is two-way visibility. The benefit of this option is that it creates the impression that the text or logo is printed directly on the window, so it may be less "cheap-looking" than opaque decals.

Decals Can Be Visible On Only One Side

If your business would instead prefer one-way visibility, such as if you would not like your stickers to be visible from the inside of your business, another option is perforated decals. This is also useful as a security measure because decals can be strategically placed to prevent burglars from seeing inside your store after hours. However, your employees can still see outside as they finish up for the day. The perforated holes do not affect the appearance of the design, but allow for perfect visibility through it.

Decals Vary On How Easily They Can Be Removed Or Adjusted

Decals are intended to be semi-permanent. They are difficult to remove, unlike window stickers, but not impossible. When the decal has been added initially, there will be some room for adjustments. However, once the adhesive has become set, the sticker will not be able to be removed. There are also decals that have a lower-tack adhesive that makes the decal even easier to reposition. Make sure you make it clear to your vendor if you are doing temporary decals or if these decals are more permanent, so they know which adhesives would be better.