Great Fundraiser Ideas

If you are trying to come up with some fundraiser ideas for an organization you are involved in, such as a local church, a school or another organization, then you have plenty of choices available to you. It may be a good idea to have a few fundraisers a year that revolve around the season, so you can collect money throughout the year that you can put toward your cause. This article will introduce you to some different fundraising ideas, so you can put together some that work for your cause's needs.

Have a bake sale

You can organize a bake sale where volunteers bring in their baked goods to sell. The proceeds from those goods will go toward your cause. At the bake sale you can have games to keep things entertaining. One game you can have is a cake walk where everyone walks around a circle of chairs to music. There are enough chairs for everyone, except one person. Each time the music stops, you remove the person without a chair from the game and another chair. When there is one chair and two people left, the last person to get that chair wins a cake.

Have an arts and crafts fair

You can also have an arts and crafts fair where volunteers set up booths to sell some of the arts and crafts they have made. The proceeds from the sales will go toward your cause. This can be a great fundraiser to do around the holidays so a lot of people can sell homemade holiday decorations people can purchase to set up around their home.

Hold a raffle

You can have volunteers donate things for a raffle and sell tickets. The good thing about this type of fundraiser is you can have it go on for weeks. This means your volunteers will have plenty of time to sell the tickets. You can call the winners by phone and have them come pick up their prizes. Some examples of good prizes include cash, gift certificates, electronics and movie tickets to the local movie theater.

Hold a candle fundraiser

You can have volunteers help you hold a candle fundraiser. You can sign up to sell candles for an organization that shares a part of the profit with you. That profit can then be put toward your cause. You will take orders for the candles out of magazines and then pass them out to the buyers once they get delivered. This is a great way to raise funds at any time of the year, especially around the holidays when people are shopping for gifts for others.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the types of fundraisers you can throw, you can have a good time getting everything set up. Ask a business like New Fundraising Ideas or a similar location for more help and ideas.