Packing Up Baby Clothes

Several things are true about baby clothes. One, babies outgrow them at an alarming rate. Two, parents hate to part with them for sentimental and practical reasons. As a result, the average parent has a stack of outgrown clothes just a few months after the baby's birth. You can find convenient ways to store these items without taking over large portions of your home. 

Boxes and Bags

You have several inexpensive options for baby clothes storage. You can simply buy large plastic resealable bags, zip them shut, and label them to indicate the size clothes they contain. Some of these bags also come with carrying handles, which just makes them more convenient.

As an alternative, you use vacuum-sealed bags, although the smaller baby clothes might not benefit much from these items. These bags are thick and do not puncture easily, but they are not impenetrable. You can stack the bags in a storage box that will slide under your bed. The cardboard will protect the bags from puncture, and the bags will keep out dust and bugs.

An alternative is to store the clothes in plastic bins, but these bins often take up more storage room. Also, they tend to bow in the middle when stacked on top of each other, leaving space for critters and allergens to enter. When you pull out the clothes in the future, you want them ready for the next tot to wear. If you want to use items that you have on hand, try sealing the clothes in old comforter bags. These bags zip and won't cost you a thing. 

Storage Room

If you simply do not have enough room at home to store these baby clothes as well as other childhood items, consider renting a small storage unit. The monthly price on these units is reasonable, and they offer enough room for your children's items as well as anything else you do not have space for at home. The cost to store items is often less than replacing things you simply cannot cram into your closets or garage. You can also invest in a climate-controlled unit if you worry about humidity levels.

Baby clothes are both cute and expensive. If you do not want to sell or give away your baby's clothes, you can easily organize and store them, either at home or in a storage unit. That way they will be ready to use if you have another child or want to pass them down to your grandchildren.