Preparations For The Rental And Care Of Portable Restrooms

An outdoor event that will be held over the course of a few days will draw in crowds from the immediate region and maybe even some visitors who are temporarily staying in the area. If portable restrooms are going to be set up along a strip that will contain food vendors and games, deciding where to place the units and which maintenance and odor-eliminating measures will be used should be addressed.

A Plan That Will Accommodate Everyone

An estimate of how many people may attend the event will aid in choosing the number of restrooms that will be needed. Single units work best for small events, unless several rows of these units are ordered.

If a lack of space is a factor or if you want to streamline the manner in which attractions and customer facilities are set up, you may want to go with a trailer restroom design, which features siding or a solid-colored exterior that will look more like a modular home or an office building than a public restroom.

There may not be any way to avoid lines to a restroom, especially if there will be thousands of people present at the event at any time, but having multiple units available for use and choosing restrooms that each contain several stalls will limit the amount of time that attendees will need to wait.

To cover the entire area where the event is being held, plan on setting up units in each corner of the property, as well as the central location. Avoid over- or under-ordering rentals by contacting a support member of a rental business and providing details about the type of event and the number of people who are projected to attend. You will be directed toward specific restroom models and a number of restrooms that will be sufficient.

Some Security And Cleaning

Leaving restroom units unlocked each night could result in vandalism or theft. Install temporary lighting outside of each rental, or choose areas to place the units that are already well-lit. Purchase some locking devices and use them to secure the units at the end of each evening.

Messes and plumbing mishaps can occur during the hours that the event is open to the public. Hire some attendants whose duties will be to monitor the rental units and perform some basic sanitizing steps, which will keep the inside of each unit fresh and clean.