Seven Things To Do Before Your Upcoming Fire Door Inspection To Make Sure You Pass

If your fire door fails to pass inspection, this could lead to costly repair needs. That's why it's important to prepare for your upcoming fire door inspection so that your fire door is more likely to pass without issue.

The following are seven things to do before your upcoming fire door inspection to make sure you pass. 

Clear clutter away from your fire door

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent a failed fire door inspection is to simply keep things organized around your fire door.

Clearing away clutter and obstructions prevents your fire door from failing the inspection in a way that is easily preventable. Clearing clutter also contributes to a generally more orderly facility. 

Check the surface and the frame for any perforations

A fire door needs to have an intact surface without any perforations such as breakages or holes. If there are perforations in your fire door, you may need to have your fire door completely replaced in order to pass inspection. 

Make sure that all original labels are still in place and visible

Fire door markings and instructions are essential for passing inspection. You should check to make sure that none of the labels or warnings have worn off your fire door or come loose.

If your fire door is missing any of its original signage, it's important to replace signage to pass inspection. 

Make sure that all the original hardware is still in place

For your fire door to pass inspection, it's important that all of the hardware is in place. You should inspect hardware pieces in preparation for your upcoming inspection and replace any hardware that is missing. 

Check for proper alignment with the frame

There should be adequate and uniform clearance all around a fire door. You should check to make sure that your fire door is properly aligned and arrange to have it adjusted if there are irregularities in the clearance between the door and frame. 

Check to see if the opening and closing mechanism is functioning

Your fire door needs to open and close freely to pass inspection. Be sure that the mechanism for opening and closing your door is not hindered or faulty in any way. 

Make sure signage is attached with adhesive

Regulations usually require that signage on a fire door is attached with adhesive as opposed to hardware such as screws. Another regulation to be aware of when it comes to signage is that signage typically cannot cover too large a percentage of the door's surface.