What To Know About Three Types Of Window Blinds

Are you ready to replace the blinds in your home, but do not know which style to go with? It will help to know the differences between these three types of window blinds.


There are many types of cellular blinds out there, which can make cellular blinds feel a bit overwhelming. The blinds use honeycomb-shaped shells that have foil within them, which prevent light from passing through. You can also purchase honeycomb blinds that have a sheer material, which provides privacy while still letting in natural light. The honeycomb shells also trap air within the blinds, which helps with energy efficiency. 

Cellular blinds are also made without external cords since they all are run within the blinds. It gives the blinds the ability to have basic models where they only open from the bottom of the window or more advanced options that open from both the top and the bottom. Top opening honeycomb blinds allow you to see over the top of them or open the top of a double-hung window and allow natural air into your home. 


Roller blinds have a clean and minimal design that have a modern look. A common reason that people want roller blinds is that they are looking for blinds that can completely blackout a room and give you total privacy. This is great for bedrooms where you want total darkness and privacy. 

Roller blinds can also provide you with some energy savings. They are going to do a great job at keeping the heat in your home during the winter, and block the heat from coming in during the summer. The binds are also easy to use, with them being completely cord-free. This may be a priority to you if you have pets or young children in your home. 


Venetian blinds are great if you want a mix of both light control and privacy. This is due to the slats that can allow light to come in through the blinds but prevent others from seeing in. This makes Venetian blinds a great choice for windows that face the street where people can drive or walk by.

It is possible to get Venetian blinds that are made out of a variety of different materials, such as aluminum, PVC, and wood. There are also endless possibilities when it comes to the color of the slats themselves. No matter what kind of home you have, there is a color and style of Venetian blinds that are sure to work great. 

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